One to One Magic

A solution allowing professionals to organise a business videoconference with simultaneous interpretation.

One to One

Easy, cost efficient and secure!

Speak to a prospective business partner for the first time

  • Forget costly and risky and cumbersome travelling

Organise a prospective hiring interview with a salesman in a foreign country

  • Concentrate on his profile, not his foreign language skills

Get in touch with a long-standing partner that does not understand any of the languages you speak and resolve any pending issues in a much more productive way than by translated mails or difficult phone conversations

  • Add a human touch to your relation, with the live stream

The Booking and Inviting procedure: You can invite or be invited to discuss any professional matter on in an efficient and a confidential way. The only equipment you need is a computer/mobile device connected to the internet (external microphone and earphones improve the quality of service, as well as a wired connection, but they are not required). No special operations or commands have to be carried out during the conversation, once you are connected. (requirements)

You invite at the date and hour that suits you any other person in any place in the world, speaking any one of the working languages and as soon as the booking procedure is completed, you receive two unique coded keys to share with your guest.

The Session: At the convened time you activate your key and are automatically connected to a videoconference session with your guest and an interpreter (screenshot). After being welcomed by the interpreter,as soon as you start speaking, your interpreter will translate simultaneously whatever (offensive and/or not recommended use of language) you say on a different sound channel, so your correspondent can hear him but not you. Not only you speak undisturbed without having to care about the translation, but as soon as you will have finished, your correspondent will answer immediately in his language and you will be able to listen to the translation loud and clear, without delay, without buttons to push, without interference.


Your conversation is digitally transmitted through the web with a 128 bit encryption code , and its unique key is changed even when the session is on, for maximum security. Your interpreter is a certified professional, and the absolute confidentiality to which he is committed is his guarantee for his own professional survival, and his main advantage compared to any other occasional facilitator.


Moreover, in order to offer to our customers a maximum of quality guaranties, all sessions can be recorded (only the sound), for liability purposes. You have a 72 hours period of time during which you might present any concern about the interpretation. After this time period no complaint can be filed, and our liability is not engaged any more. This service allows you to ask for the recordings (with the consent of the coordinator), or you can order a transcript in any language of the meeting (from the interpretation or through the transcription of the original speech and a full written translation of it) for your own records.