Our Name

The Greek word "catalava" means "I understood", that is, I can recognize the linguistic code another person uses. The word "Catalava" is simple to understand as a sequence of sounds and easily pronounced by almost everyone. Above all, it is the small word we would like to hear from our customers after any catalava session:

Catalava, Got it, J'ai compris, Capito, Forsta, Memahami, Rosumet, Suprasti, Izprast!!

Furthermore, "catalava", as it is the case in French and in English as well, has the meaning of "I got it", "I conquered", i.e. "it is mine"; Catalava.com has the ambition to pave the way for new synergies, partnerships, trades, that were difficult to implement without it.

Catalava is a magnifier of your business.