How many interpreters, which linguistic combination, for how long

That is how we calculate the cost of your service.

For two languages it starts from € 150.00 for 30’ or € 600.00 for 7 hours (it is NOT proportional). Multiple or repeated sessions might have an even better price (contact us).

Time is of essence, of course. You shall be charged differently if you need a service for 1 hour or for 7 hours.

You are asked to make an estimate of the duration of your meeting when booking: if you exceed it, you might be asked to interrupt momentarily in order to proceed to the payment of the continuation of the service.

The language combination is another parameter:

Some combinations are less common or frequent than others: their cost will probably be higher.

And of course, depending on the selected solution, the number of languages (and interpreters) is of importance.

When you arrange an appointment with your correspondent(s) for the ‘One to One Magic’ and the ‘Meeting Facilitator’ solutions, take extra care to time zones, in order to select a convenient moment for every participant and to take good note of it: it is a frequent source of misunderstandings! We will be glad to send you for free the standard forms inviting a correspondent in a number of languages.

Take extra care to complete the invoicing details and select every time if you want to be invoiced personally, or if the invoice concerns your company (there is an automated verification procedure for the VAT/Tax registration numbers declared).

Cancellation Policy

You can always cancel an appointment. Cancellation is governed by the following rules:

  1. 100% refund of your deposit if the job is cancelled more than 72hours before the start of interpreting
  2. 50% refund of your deposit if the job is cancelled between 72h - 24hours
  3. No refund if the job is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the beginning of the appointment.