Meeting Facilitator

You need to meet, to consult, to negotiate, to discuss

…With three or thirty or a hundred and thirty other people

…Who are NOT in the same room or country,

do not share a common language,

but will have to express their opinion

For a BoD meeting,

on a programme coordination,

on an important communication of the President or the Pope,

on a much debated “common formula”…

With everybody listening and speaking his language and
Your screen showing only the person who last took the floor!

Boards and Meetings

By ‘Meeting’ we mean the exchange among small or large groups of people who are not at the same place and are having a business conference or an important communication to share.

This solution is applicable with the written consent of the meeting coordinator, who is responsible for all invitations and the proper attribution of languages and participants during the booking process. The participants may listen to the dedicated channels of simultaneous interpretation through their own devices (smartphones/tablets/laptops)and their individual headsets. They simply have to connect to their local wi-fi or -even better- connect by wire (technical requirements) and activate the code key provided by the coordinator. The coordinator is the sole responsible for the correct attribution of the code keys giving access to Catalava’s interpretation services. After any participant’s connection, there are no special operations or commands to be carried out. It is the coordinator who first appears on screen. As soon as the coordinator liberates the floor, any person taking it will appear on all screens.

Whatever is said on microphone can be interpreted in one or many languages simultaneously, according to the coordinator’s initial order. A virtual videoconference room (screenshot) links each speaker in turn and the interpreters. Your interpreter(s) will translate simultaneously (offensive and/or not recommended use of language) on a dedicated channel which is not interfering with other channels. Not only the speakers can speak undisturbed without having to care about the translation, but as soon as they will have finished, their counterparts might want to react immediately in the chosen language, allowing everybody to listen to the translation loud and clear, without delay, without any special commands or equipment.


For closed fora purposes, is using a 128 bit encryption code with unique keys changing even during the conference, assuring maximum security. Your interpreters are certified, experienced professionals, and the absolute confidentiality to which they are committed is their guarantee for their own professional survival, and their main advantage compared to any other occasional facilitator.


Moreover, in order to offer to our customers a maximum of quality guaranties, all sessions can be recorded (only the sound), for liability purposes. You have a 72 hours period of time during which you might present any concern about the interpretation. After this time period no complaint can be filed, and our liability is not engaged any more. This service allows you to ask for the recordings (with the consent of the coordinator), or you can order a transcript in any language of the meeting (from the interpretation or through the transcription of the original speech and a full written translation of it) for your own records.