For us, evaluation is an all important tool in our pursuit of excellence.

All comments are taken seriously and analysed purposefully: we want to get better, to better train ourselves and the others, we want to identify what is really important for each and every customer and integrate it in our “maniere de faire”.

Evaluating the interpretation:

Your comments help the interpreter to constantly improve himself, as well as his colleagues with whom he shares every day lessons and new situations encountered during their work.

Your comments are the best way for us to enrich our certification procedures with new situations, to optimise our training modules for continuous improvement, to encourage the best performers among us.

Evaluating your experience on our platform:

We know for a fact that once you are acquainted with our platform, the booking procedure is very smooth. We strive to offer all information that is needed – and more – in order to document your decision to work with us.

We need your evaluation in order to accomplish this in a fully satisfactory way: for that purpose, your comments are invaluable to us.