Ethical Business Practice

We care for the environment:

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) reduces the need to make environmentally ‘costly’ journeys to meet with business partners or potential customers abroad or in a city far away. Travels are a necessity, but if they can be reduced, thanks to an efficient technological solution it would certainly make a difference not only to our customers’ budget, but also to the environment.

We provide equal opportunities for all:

Being able to work from home, can be a major advantage for people who find it difficult to travel or even to move easily about: Professional interpreters or customers with motor difficulties, hearing impairment or other handicaps, people with reduced sight capabilities, young parents who cannot be away from home for long hours, people who, until now, could not be fully occupied, can now provide their services or use them by means of our platform. In the near future, our platform will also provide sign language interpretation.

We promote work-life balance:

Did you know that most interpreters are frequent flyers? Sometimes however, due to family or other engagements, the most competent ones for a specific assignment cannot hop on the next plane. Now, through the use of service functionality, they can provide superior service to you anytime, anywhere. Catalava is the solution for you and them!