Our Philosophy

The message has to go through. Every single time. This is non-negotiable.

And what is said in a video conference room stays in that room. No exceptions.

There is no real excuse for interruption of service. However difficult the conditions, “the show must go on”.

Simultaneous interpretation:

  • Leaves the interpreter in the shadows
  • Allows everybody to use his own language
  • Contributes to a seamless, productive communication

Quality is the result of ethics, commitment, strenuous training, a solid general culture and a hungry curiosity. Our certification and evaluation procedures aim to constantly prove it. A whole network of conference interpreters share a common mentality, a common curiosity, a strong commitment to confidentiality, with solidarity and respect for each other and the customer.

Technology is a key to access new opportunities, new information, new worlds. It opens up new markets, with different conditions, different skills sometimes, requiring an openness and adaptability that conference interpreters have anyway. Technology is not a stumbling block, but a stepping stone in what we can achieve.

Offering an affordable solution to overcome linguistic barriers is a priority in a competitive world. Our vision is to allow for efficiencies benefiting the customers, whilst providing a healthier and more secure income basis for interpreters.


are embedded in our business model.