Confidentiality & Liability Policy

We are selecting professional interpreters according to strict criteria that are public and transparent. Catalava’s sole liability towards the platform users is to abide by those rules. We are thoroughly testing all our solutions in order to continuously improve our software and all the libraries (software and applications) of third parties incorporated or combined to it. Catalava is not liable for any malfunction or breach of service originating from those software programmes and applications.

Concerning quality: Interpretation is not an exact science, it is a human service aimed to facilitate the inter-linguistic communication: omissions and errors are not unknown during interpretation and even with the most talented interpreters one should never base serious decisions solely on what he understood from the interpreters words. Catalava is not liable for any alleged “quality” deficiencies whatsoever.

Concerning confidentiality: Professional interpreters are bound to the strictest confidentiality. Their own professional survival depends on it. All Catalava interpreters have signed the Code of Ethics published on this webpage. Every single Catalava interpreter remains the sole responsible on confidentiality matters towards the clients and the platform. The owners of the platform will cooperate to pursue judicially any proven breach of confidentiality. Nevertheless, the owners of the platform encourage all users to refrain from publicising sensitive information of any kind during the interpretation sessions provided by the platform. Experienced users of interpretation services know the boundaries. Catalava is not liable for any alleged breach of confidentiality.