How to be Certified?

In order to qualify, you must fulfill three basic criteria:

  • University degree (at least a BA / BSc equivalent)
  • Professional experience as a conference interpreter of at least two years and 100 working days
  • Technological easiness/aptitude and eagerness to learn, and adequate equipment and connection as per our The Interpreters' Manual (short version)

If those criteria are fulfilled, you will then undergo three technical certification tests and qualifying tests in your working languages. Recommendation by two recognized conference interpreters with your linguistic combination implies a more expedient certification procedure.


All interpreters who wish to work for and fulfill the above mentioned criteria are requested to sign the Code of Ethics. Going through the technical certification is the next step in order to make sure you can handle the technological aspect of the job and are comfortable with it. You will then receive a collaboration proposal. Interpreters working for us will be asked to submit their availability (1-2 days per week) in due time, and/or to accept if they can/wish an option beyond their availability days, if demand is high and depending on the needs. This 'option' as per interpreters' working rules and operations, is subject to confirmation or cancellation.

If you wish to work with us and be part of an ever expanding team of colleagues, managing your time more efficiently and taking advantage of the best technology can offer in order to provide high quality interpretation, just click here.