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This is a configuration of the One to Many Solution in the service of the Media

What is that matters in the news world? The fast and to the point reaction towards the unforeseen, the real news!

  • Political Speeches
  • Celebrities’ Interviews (Sports, Arts, Sciences, Business...)
  • Major Disasters Reported

Get it when it happens, wherever it happens, in your language!

Newsroom Booster

When we have access to any broadcasting which is interesting for your network, TV, radio, Press… we can provide you with SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION of whatever is said, so you can retransmit it* or share it on your intranet for the benefit of your producers, editors, anchor persons, directors, with simultaneous access for your staff on the mobile device of their choice – provided they have a sound internet connection.

They will have at their disposal a continuous flow of information/content online, allowing them to instantly adapt your programme, your priority themes, the list of people invited to comment, etc...

Having immediate access to in situ information in a responsive, affordable and efficient mode, is a formidable tool for your producers to make better and faster decisions.

And if they say «on air, now!», you have ready content to broadcast* for as long as you wish, allowing for everybody to get organised and ready…

* is by definition a secondary source of content. It cannot be held responsible for any use of the original content which does not comply with Intellectual Property laws and jurisdictions.